At Chirpy Bird Foods we are dedicated to the welfare of garden wildlife so we must consider our impact on the environment through our own activities on a wider basis.


We understand that to succeed commercially we must consider our effects on the environment, society, our employees and the planet. We therefore do not work to a strict set of rules but rather apply the ambition to do business in a more progressive way.

Collectively taking responsibility we will act with integrity, professionalism and accountability to deliver quality and value to our customers, while striving to produce sustainable positive impacts for wildlife, the environment, our community, suppliers and our planet.


In order to create a fully sustainable business, we only use 100% natural healthy ingredients in our wild bird food. All our seed and mixes contain only what nature provided and we make sure these come from sustainable sources. Where possible we use only UK grown produce, but this is not always possible especially with our peanut products. We make certain that all our foods will have positive health benefits and that these are not spoiled by shortcuts in manufacturing, that can make food less wholesome. We do not include cheap additives such as artificial colourants, sweeteners or preservatives.


Packaging plays a central role in our activities and costs, as such managing this part of our business with an emphasis on sustainability creates great opportunities for us. It also lends to the occasional difficulty. We have moved away from our plastic packaging towards 100% recycled packaging. At present, in partnership with our suppliers we cannot achieve all our packaging aims but continue to work hard towards 100% sustainability. Our key aims are to use:

  • 100% renewable or 100% recycled packaging
  • Packaging with the lowest possible environmental impact
  • The minimum packaging required
  • Packaging with simple recycling facilities

Cartons We use UK based paper manufacturers with renewably sourced paper. Double-walled cartons are used to reduce the need for additional internal packaging. All cartons are recyclable through the council kerbside collection scheme.

Filler Packaging We re-use all received filler packaging such as bubble wrap and shredded paper. We also shred all our old paperwork and use this as filler packaging. When purchasing packaging it is sourced from bio-degradable material.

Boxes & Bags Our 1kg boxes are 100% recyclable. We have also sourced 100% recyclable bags for our 12.75kg range of product. Our fat balls and calci-worms are still packed in polyethylene tubs

which can be recycled. However, these too will soon be packed into 100% recyclable boxes.

Transport Bags We continue to use polypropylene bags for our courier despatches when sending large 12.75kg bags. This product is light and durable and adds a layer of protection to your product when being delivered. There is the technology to recycle polypropylene but as facilities are still few and far between, we encourage our customers to reuse or recycle this packaging material were possible. We shall continue to research alternative methods of transport packaging material going forward.

Planet Friendly The world is currently using the earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate. Continuing to do so our planet will continue to decline and leave it a poorer place for future generations to follow. We cannot reverse this trend single-handedly, but we do believe we can make a difference. We shall continue to apply creative thinking in the workplace and refuse to accept ‘the norm’ thus resulting in more efficient, planet friendly processes and lower costs. Please note To avoid wastage we are still shipping some product in plastic packaging to run our stocks down. Once we have used up our plastic packaged stock your next order should be received in our sustainable packaging.